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By Paul April 17, 2018 Live Fish 19 comments

Updated Fish List April 17.  We have over 125 species in stock.  We also have a dedicated plant tank and have a huge assortment of plants!

African Cichlids Duboisi
African Cichlids Mbunas - Large
African Cichlids Peacock Cichlids - Med and Large April 19
African Cichlids 5 Colour Peacocks - Small and Medium
African Cichlids Mloto
African Cichlids Eureka Red Peacock Cichlid 
African Cichlids Sunshine Peacock
African Cichlids Red Peacock
African Cichlids Ruby Crystal Peacock
African Cichlids Taiwan Reef Cichlid
African Cichlids Red Sided Cichlid
African Cichlids Yellow Lab
African Cichlids Aeneocolor (Yellow Belly Albert)
African Cichlids Frontosa April 19
African Cichlids Red Jewels
African Cichlids Star Sapphire
African Cichlids Tropheus Ikola
African Cichlids Tropheus Bulu Point April 19
African Cichlids Other Assorted Cichlids
African Cichlids Kribensis
Angelfish Medium Marble
Angelfish Medium White Zebra
Angelfish Medum Assorted
Angelfish Medium Assorted Veiltail
Angelfish Medium Assorted Pearl Scale
Angelfish XXL Breeding Pair
Geophagus  Red Head Tapajos
Geophagus  Cameta 
Geophagus  Altifron
Cory Panda April 19
Cory Salt and Pepper
Cory Sterbai Very nice
Cory Concolor/Slate
Cory Julii Large
Cory Meleni (False Bandit) Large
Plecos/Ancistrus White blue eye Pleco Rare
Plecos/Ancistrus Albino long fin bushynose
Plecos/Ancistrus White Spotted Bushynose Wild
Plecos/Ancistrus Common Pleco
Plecos/Ancistrus Yellow King Tiger Pleco (L333) F1
Plecos/Ancistrus Queen Arabesque (L260) Wild
Plecos/Ancistrus Calico
Plecos/Ancistrus Sailfin/Leopard Pleco
Plecos/Ancistrus Royal Pleco (L191/L190)
Loaches Clown Loach
Loaches Striped Loach (Striata) / Zebra
Loaches Silver Striped Loach
Loaches YoYo Loach
Loaches Kubotai/Burmese
Loaches Kuhli Loach
Loaches Hillstream Loach April 19
Loaches Gold Ring Butterfly Loach April 19
Other bottom fish Siamese Algae Eater
Other bottom fish Otto Cats
Other bottom fish Twig Catfish
Other bottom fish Anchor Cats
Other bottom fish Red Tail Black Shark
Other bottom fish Rainbow Shark
Other bottom fish Chinese Hi Fin Shark
Other bottom fish Pictus Cat
Barb Denison/Red-Line Torpedo
Barb Odessa April 19
Barb Hi Fin Rosy
Barb Checkered
Barb Golden
Tetras Cardinal
Tetras Purple
Tetras Ember
Tetras Congo Tetra
Tetras X-Ray Tetra
Tetras Rosy Tetra
Tetras Red Phantom Tetra
Tetras Black Neon Tetra
Tetras Rummy Nose Tetra
South American Cichlids Bolivian Ram
South American Cichlids Apistogramma Umbrella Cichlid - Wild
South American Cichlids Apistogramma Umbrella Cichlid Opal
South American Cichlids Apistogramma Blue Peacock
South American Cichlids Ram Cichlid
South American Cichlids Electric Blue Ram
South American Cichlids Salvini Cichlid
South American Cichlids Red Devil Cichlid
South American Predators Peacock Bass (Kelebri)
South American Predators Spotted/Marbled Gar
South American Predators Rocket Gar (Acestrorhynchus Grandoculis)
Rasboras Neon Blue
Rasboras Harlequin Rasbora
Rasboras False Harlequins / Lambchop Rasbora
Rasboras Chili Rasboras
Other South American Red Spotted Severum
Other South American Pencil Fish Rockettail (Nannostomus Eques)
Other South American Black Ghost Knife April 19
Rainbows Bosemani
Rainbows Red
Rainbows Turquoise
Rainbows Banded
Gouramis Moonlight
Gouramis Lavender Gourami
Gouramis Dwarf
Gouramis Honey
Gouramis Pearl
Gouramis Chocolate
Gouramis Red Paradise
Other Pea/Pygmy Puffer
Other Indian Scarlet Badis
Other Badis Badis
Other  Bettas
Other  White Cloud Minnow
Other  Golden White Cloud
Other  Calico Fantail Goldfish
Other Assassin Snail
Livebearers Endler Guppy
Livebearers Assorted Fancy Guppy Local
Livebearers Assorted Platy
Livebearers Green Veiltail Swortails
Livebearers Assorted Swordtails
Livebearers Assorted Highfin Mollies
Amphibians Axolotls - Assorted Local
Freshwater Crustaceans Cherry Shrimp
Freshwater Crustaceans Guangdong Blue Dream April 19
Freshwater Crustaceans Mountain Rock (Fan) Shrimp
Freshwater Crustaceans Bloody Mary Local
Freshwater Crustaceans Yellow Sunset
Freshwater Crustaceans Tiger Shrimp (?)
Freshwater Crustaceans Amano Shrimp

Paul Chang December 6, 2017

Aquarica is currently focused on freshwater tropical fish. If you need saltwater supplies and your LFS is unable to source, we would be pleased to help you.

JFK December 7, 2017

You have a large selection of tropical fish. Look forward to visiting your store!

mitch December 17, 2017

what about african cichlids

Paul Chang December 18, 2017

We just received Albino Dragon Blood yesterday. We will be receiving F1 Zebra Obliquidens (Astatotilapia latifasciata) very soon.

We are in the process of cycling additional dedicated racks for African Cichlids and will be receiving more African cichlids in January.

Kathryn December 29, 2017

Gaaaah I wish I knew how to drive in the city! I don’t suppose you could ship fish to people down in southwest NS lol? Might have to beg someone to take me....

Robin December 30, 2017

Hi, I'm thrilled to see you here! Is it possible for you to get more Rainbowfish? I'm looking for Bosemani and Turquoise.


Paul Chang December 30, 2017

Hi Kathryn: Hope you can make it to the store sometime - we are in Bedford so it is a bit quieter. We have not yet shipped by bus, but if you can't make it here, call us, and we'll work with you to see if we can get some fish shipped to you, Cheers, Paul

Paul Chang December 30, 2017

Hi Robin: We currently have Bosemani, Turquoise and Red rainbows in stock! Hope to see you soon,

Robin January 8, 2018

Can you please tell me the price for bosemani and turquoise Rainbows?


Paul Chang January 9, 2018

Hi Robin:

Bosemani are 3 for $40, Turquoise are 3 for $45.

Cheers, Paul

Jason January 10, 2018

Price of apisto cockatoo's? How many in stock?

Kyla January 10, 2018

Hi, I've been interested in keeping a tank of shell dwellers for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I've been having a tough time finding them, both locally and online. I know they're not on the list, but is there any way you could order some in? I'm looking for either Lamprologous Similis or Multifasciatus.

I'm also interested in buying some guppies or endlers- what are the prices? Thanks!

Paul January 10, 2018

Hi Jason. We have about 7 pairs in stock, and perhaps an extra female. 5 or 6 pairs have laid eggs or are rearing babies. They are $33 per pair. Regards. Paul

Paul January 10, 2018

Hi Kyla. Please call us and let us know what species you want. Our guppies range from $4 to $10 per pair.

Regards. Paul

mitch January 13, 2018

was in the store about 10 days ago you guys said you had an order of cichlids on the way was wondering if they arrivef yet

Paul Chang January 13, 2018

Hi Mitch - We have received some cichlids but not our large order yet. Some should come in this week with more the following week. Regards, Paul

Tom January 21, 2018

Just wanted to say that I ordered some super natural black sand from this store and was very happy with the service I received. I am hoping to make it over to NS some day and visit the store in person. Thank you

mitch January 26, 2018

hey how much is the 33gallon breeder tank 48 x 13 x 12 ?

Paul January 26, 2018

Hi Mitch: The 33 gallon 48-13-12 is $129 plus tax. Regards, Paul

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