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Updated Freshwater Livestock List May 15.  (Saltwater will be updated next week)  Please note that our livestock selection is constantly being updated with new arrivals!  We also have a large selection of live plants!

African Cichlids Species
African Cichlids Assorted Peacocks(Reg)
African Cichlids Assorted Peacocks (Med)
African Cichlids Cobue Cichlids
African Cichlids Cibue Cichlids (XL)
African Cichlids Blue Lip Williamsi
African Cichlids OB Peacocks (Lg Males)
African Cichlids OB Peacocks (XL Males)
African Cichlids OB Peacocks (Lg Females)
African Cichlids Kribensis
African Cichlids Assorted Cichlids (Sm)
Synodontis Synodontis (Valentine)
Synodontis Cuckoo Catfish (Petricola)
Other African Leopard Bush Fish (Ctenopoma)
Angelfish Assorted Angels (Small - some locally bred)
Angelfish Assorted Angels (Medium)
Angelfish Lg Gold Angels (3.5+ inch)
Discus Stendker - Brilliant Turquoise - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Red Turquoise - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - German Wonder - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Pigeon Blood Red/Blue - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Pigeon Blood Silver-  2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Tefe - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Marlboro Red - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Solid Turquoise - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Blue Diamond - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Snake Skin Red/Blue - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Leopard Snake Skin - 2.25 inch
Discus Stendker - Red Scribblet - 2.75 inch
Discus Stendker - Blue Turquoise - 4.5 inch
Cory Pygmy
Cory Panda
Cory Sterbai
Cory Venezuelan Corys
Livebearers Assorted Endler Guppy
Livebearers Assorted Fancy Guppy
Livebearers Assorted Platies
Livebearers Assorted Hi-Fin Platies
Livebearers Assorted Swordtails
Livebearers Assorted Sailfin Mollies
Plecos/Ancistrus Assorted Bristlenose Plecos
Plecos/Ancistrus Albino Longfin Bristlenose Plecos
Plecos/Ancistrus XL Albino Bristlenose
Plecos/Ancistrus L81 Gold Nugget Pleco (3+ inch)
Plecos/Ancistrus L129 False Colombian Zebra
Plecos/Ancistrus Vampire Pleco 
Plecos/Ancistrus L333 - Yellow King Tiger Pleco (Lg)
Plecos/Ancistrus L106 Orange Seam Pleco
Plecos/Ancistrus L340 Mega Clown Pleco
Tetras Cardinal Tetras (Lg)- wild caught
Tetras Cardinal Tetras (Lg)
Tetras Neon Tetra (Lg)
Tetras Silvertip Tetras
Tetras Ember Tetras
Tetras Lemon Tetra
Tetras XL Colombian Tetra
Tetras Black Phantom Tetra
Tetras Assorted Glo Tetras
Tetras Costae Tetra
Tetras Rummy Nose Tetra
Tetras Platinum Rummy Nose Tetra
Tetras Silver Tip Tetras
Tetras Neon Tetras 
Tetras Ornate Tetras (wild caught)
Tetras Ruby Tetras
Tetras Glass Bloodfin
Other South Amer. Rams (small)
Other South Amer. Electric Blue Ram (Regular Body)
Other South Amer. XL Ballon Gold Ram
Other South Amer. Lg Golden Rams
Other South Amer. McMaster Apistogramma (locally bred)
Other South Amer. Sunset Apistogramma
Other South Amer. Melgar Apistogramma
Other South Amer. Checkerboard Cichlid
Other South Amer. L Electric Blue Ram
Other South Amer. Rainbow Cichlids
Other South Amer. Blue Acara (locally bred)
Other South Amer. Bujurqui Paracas (Smiling Acara) (wild caught)
Other South Amer. White  Convict Cichlid
Other South American Otto Cats - wild caught
Other South American Banjo Catfish (Lg, wild caught)
Other South American Oscar -  Albino Tiger
Other South American Flagfish
Rasboras Harlequin Rasbora
Rasboras Hengeli Rasbora
Barb Lg Denison (Red-Line / Torpedo) - 2 inch
Barb Small Tiger Barbs
Barb Odessa Barbs
Barb Long fin Cherry Barbs
Loaches Clown Loach (2.25 -2.75 inch)
Loaches Gold Ring Butterfly Loach (Hillstream Loach)
Loaches Kuhli Loach
Loaches Sumo (3 Banded)
Loaches Chinese Hi-Fin Loach (wild caught)
Rainbows Bosemani Rainbow
Rainbows Dwarf Blue Neon
Rainbows Turquoise Rainbow
Gouramis Pearl
Gouramis Dwarf Blood Red
Gouramis Honey Dwarf Gouramis
Bettas Giant Plakat Betta (males)
Bettas Superdeltas males
Other asian Giant Danios
Other asian Celestial Pearl Danio (aka Galaxy Rasbora) (wild caught)
Other asian Orange Finned Danio (Kyathit) (wild caught)
Other asian Thai Glass Catfish (wild caught)
Other asian Bala Sharks
Other asian Red Tail Black Shark
Other asian Shubunkin (2 inch)
Other asian Shubunkin (3.5-4.5 inch)
Other asian Koi
Other asian Assorted goldfish
Other asian Telescope Black Moor (Med)
Amphibians Dwarf African Frog
Amphibians Axolotl
Shrimp Mountain Rock (Fan) Shrimp
Shrimp Red Cherry Shrimp (Neos) 
Shrimp Shadow Panda
Shrimp SSS+ Red Crystal
Shrimp Red Crystal (Caridina) Shrimp
Shrimp Black Crystal (Caridina) Shrimp
Shrimp Blue Bolt (Caridina) Shrimp
Shrimp Red Wine King Kong (Caridina) Shrimp
Shrimp Yamato (Amano) Shrimp
Crayfish Snow White Crayfish
Crayfish Dwarf (Yellow/Orange) Crayfish
Crayfish Blue Crayfish
Crayfish Bright Orange Crayfish
Snails Rabbit Snails (Chocolate)
Snails Spotted Nerite
Snails Malaysian Trumpet Snail

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