AQUARICA – February 5 Update

C’mon winter, is that all ya got?  At the risk of jinxing it, this has been a really mild winter.  Good for kids (hey, no missed school), mom and dad (saved hours of shovelling), and everyone’s budget (lower heating bills!). 

For us, it has meant easier shipping and healthier livestock on arrival.  Even with the styrofoam boxes we use to ship fish and plants, cold weather results in more delays, colder fish bags and increased stress on livestock.  Stressed fish are more susceptible to disease.  The ‘warmer’ winter has enabled us to bring in a larger selection of livestock with healthier livestock on arrival!  

New livestock arrivals since our prior update:

Male Bettas (locally bred plakat koi, and halfmoons)

Female Bettas (locally bred plakat koi and dumbo)

Cardinal Tetras

Neon Tetras

Blind Cave Tetras

Glo Tetras (XL)

Electric Blue Acaras (locally bred)

Red Head Tapajos Geophagus

Red Bellied Piranhas

Bulgarian Ghost Angelfish

Venezuelan ‘Orange’ Corys

Melanistus Corys

Long-fin White Seam Bristlenose Pleco (locally bred)

Male Guppies (Blue Cobra, Moscow Blue, Elephant Ear Blue, Pink Tuxedo, Full Black)

Female Guppies (Red, Blue)

Male Endler Guppies

Assorted Large Swordtails

Assorted Large Platies

Pearl Gouramis

Green Tiger Loach (4 inch)

XXL Kuhli Loach

Celestial Pearl Danios

Lambchop Rasboras (wild caught)

Bosemani Rainbows

Rope Fish (wild caught)

Black Ghost Knife

Banded Knifefish (10 inch, wild caught)

Red Tail Black Shark

Golden Weather Loach (wild caught)

XXL Weather Loach (10-12 inch)

Assassin Snails

Bamboo Shrimp

Assorted Caridina Shrimp (White, Red Crystal, Black Crystal, Wine Red King Kong, Black King Kong)


Plants: Assorted Anubias (Nana, Barteri Broad leaf), Cabomba, Crypt Wendtii (tall form), Vallisneria, Egeria Densa, Hygro Polysperma, Red Tiger Lotus Bulbs, Rotala Wallichi, Rotala Rotundifolia, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis on pad, Java Fern on pad (Narrow and regular), and more!   

Hope to see you soon!