May the Fourth Be With You Fish & Dry Goods

For May the fourth, here are some of our new fish arrivals....

Upside Down Catfish
African Butterfly Fish
Tiger Oscars
Large Half Moon Bettas - not your neighbors bettas! 
Clown Loaches
Polka Dot Loaches - 3 inches
Black Angels 
Fantail Goldfish
Telescope Black Moor Goldfish
Black Skirt Tetras
X-Ray Tetras
Cardinal Tetras
Bala sharks
Assorted Peacock Cichlids 
Platy - Variatus

White Cloud Minnows

Dry goods arriving May fourth - a large selection of wood, including malaysian, 'birds nest', 'hand' wood on slate; 180 gallon setup, 33 gallon aquariums (48-12-13); plant supplements; substrates; fish foods, and more!   

We received the following species on Thursday April 19th:  

Odessa Barbs

Hillstream Loach / Borneo Sucker (Gastromyzon Punctulatus)

Gold Ring Butterfly Sucker (Sewellia Lineolata)

Assorted Peacock Cichlids - (Aulonocara Stuartgranti) - Medium and Large size

Red Rainbows

Bosemani Rainbows

Black Ghost Knife


Double Star Tropheus (Bulu Point)

Marble Angelfish

Panda Cory

Assorted Guppies (including neon guppies)

Neon Blue Rasboras

Cardinal Tetras

Guangdong Blue Dream Shrimp


Updated fish list as of April 17th:  Live Fish List

We also have a dry shipment expected to arrive on Friday April 20th including more wood (malaysian, mopani, etc), food choices, and substrate.  We recently added more fish food options (dry and frozen), water test kits, medication, filter and filter media options, led light sizes, decorative rock and stone, and marine fish keeping supplies.  Digital thermometers are also back in stock.


We have renewed our aquarium stock and have the following tanks currently in-stock:


Under 3 feet

4 gallon biorb

7.5 kit

10 kit and bare tank

20 long

20 high kit and bare tank

29 high


3 feet tanks

30 (36-12-16)

40 (36-18-16)

54 (36-18-20)


4 feet tanks

33 (48-13-12) - sold out

40 (48-13-16)

55 kit (48-13-20) kit

75 (48-18-20)

80 frag (48-24-16)

90 (48-18-24)

120 (48-24-24)


5 feet tank

120XH (60-18-25)


6 feet tank

120 (72-18-22)


We also have glass canopies, and selected stand sizes in stock, along with all the accessories you need to get your tank started! 


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Tank Re-Sealing Offer


We now offer custom made stands and tank re-sealing services! Custom stands start at $300 – prices based on size and finish.  Labour costs for tank re-sealing (customer supplies sealant or we supply at cost):


Up to 50 gallons: $50

50 to 75 gallons: $70

76- 100 gallons: $100

101-180 gallons: $175

Over 180:  Please Contact  


We invite you to come in for a visit to see our selection. Looking for a hard to find product, fish, plant, or tank size? We will work with you to special order it for you. (Some items may be subject to minimum order requirements.)