AQUARICA October 10 Update 

Happy Double Tenth Day!  Today is a National holiday from my birth country Taiwan.  Taiwan is a bit smaller than mainland Nova Scotia, yet has a population of 24 million compared to 1 million in all of NS.  Fish keeping is a really big deal in Taiwan!  There are at least 6 international exporters, lots of development in neocaridina and caridina shrimp, and it is also where the parrot cichlid was created (for better or worse).  We had koi in our family garden growing up and maybe that’s where my love for the hobby started! 

Since our last update on Sept 17, we have received livestock from our local suppliers, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan, including:     

Freshwater Livestock


Dwarf African Frogs

Fahaka Puffer


Male Bettas (including locally bred)

Female Bettas (including locally bred)

Bolivian Rams

Paradise Fish

Red Tail Black Shark

Electric Blue Balloon Rams

Electric Blue Rams

Electric Blue Acaras (locally bred)

Denison Barbs

Dwarf Neon Rainbows

Assorted Angels

Koi Swordtail

Serpae Tetra

King Blue Tetras

Harlequin Rasboras

Yoyo Loach

Fancy Guppies

Golden Weather Loach (wild caught)

Blue Tiger Parrot Cichlid

Green Neon Tetra (wild caught)

X-Ray Tetras

Diamond Head Black Neon Tetra

Glo Tetras

Tiger Barbs

Siamese Algae Eaters

Amano Shrimp

Killifish (Nothobranchius)

Sterbai Cory

Cardinal Tetras

Norman’s Lampeye

Turquoise Rainbowfish

Pearly Ocellatus

Zebra Shelldweller (Similis)

CW10 Gold Laser Corys

Panda Corys

Hi-Fin Blue Eyes Bristlenose

Albino Bristlenose (locally bred)

White Spot Bristlenose (locally bred)

Assorted Neocaridina Shrimp - Black, Brown, Blue, Fire Red, Orange, Yellow, etc

Caridina Shrimp – Crystal Red, Crystal Black, Crystal White, Red Wine King Kong, Black King Kong, Blue Bolt


Saltwater Livestock

Tang Pacific Sailfin             

Angel Yellow 

Angel Coral Beauty  

Goby Golden Head sleeper

Blenny Mandarin Green

Goby Firefish 

Shrimp Banded

Green top (crown) Snail

Turbo Snail

Cat's Eye snail

Stripe Whelk Snail

Trigger Redtooth (Niger Trigger)


Above lists represent new arrivals only, we have much more selection than shown above.  Most recent plant shipment including Plant Tissue Cultures arrived Oct 4.  Next freshwater plant shipment, including assorted Plant Tissue Cultures expected Sept 21. 


Hope to see you soon!

Please find attached a link to our current freshwater livestock at June 3 (not yet updated for above arrivals and items which have sold out):