AQUARICA July 18 Update – A Happy Summer Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Hey, if you have not heard, there is a new vaccine which can help you avoid serious side effects of a new disease.  Everyone around the world wants it (see India, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Taiwan, etc), and Canada has lots available!  Best of all, the vaccine is free, absolutely free!  Seriously, if you have not booked your COVID-19 shots, please consider doing so. If not for yourself, for those around you.   

Livestock arrivals (and still in stock) since our prior June 24 update:

Freshwater Livestock

Axolotls (reg - locally bred)

Electric Blue Ram

Fancy Guppies

XL Female Guppies


Rock/Bamboo Shrimp

Assorted Neocaridina Shrimp

Assorted Caridina Shrimp

Blue Tiger Parrots

Rasbora Hengeli

Pygmy Corys

Hi-Fin Barbs

Assorted Angelfish various sizes

Denison Barbs (Reg)

Panda Cory

Neon Tetras

Albino Corys

Weather Loach

African Dwarf Frogs

Spotted Puffers (Lg) - brackish

Toad Fish (6 inch) – brackish – please ask

Senegal Bichir

White Cloud Minnows

Badis Scarlet

Siamese Algae Eaters

Tetra Glofish (assorted colours)

Platinum Rummy Nose

Rummy Nose

Ember Tetras

Bettas – males (Locally bred!)

Bettas – females (Locally bred – arriving approx. July 22)

Pearl Gouramis

Kuhli Loaches

L10a Red Lizard Plecos

Spotted Duboisi

XL Assorted African Cichlids


Butterfly koi


Sarasa Comets

Telescope Eye Panda

XXXL Extra Fancy Orandas, Pearlscales, Bubble Eyes

Nerite Snails

Dwarf Crayfish (Lg)

Axolotls (XL -12 inch locally raised) – arriving late July

XL Pair of Geophagus – arriving late July


And lots of freshwater plants.


More fish and plants arriving on Thursday July 22.   Hope to see you soon!

Please find attached a link to our current freshwater livestock at June 3 (not yet updated for above arrivals and items which have sold out):