AQUARICA Black Friday Update 

Happy Black Friday.  Be kind while consuming!  Specials starting today Friday November 26 until Friday December 3.


Marina 5, 10, 20 gallon starter kits:  Receive a free Fluval or Aqueon pre-set heater with purchase ($20-30 value) !! (25/50/100 watt for 5/10/20 g kits)

Biocube 32:  $380 !! (3 available)

All other in-stock aquarium kits (eg Fluval premium kits, Aquatop, Fluval Flex, Fluval Edge, Biorb, Radius, etc) : 10% off

All Fluval Cannister Filters: 10% off  (Our regular prices are below MAP)

All Aquaclear Filters: 10% off


6 for $20 Fish Specials:

Guppies and endlers (3 pairs)


Kuhli Loaches

Golden White Cloud Minnows (arriving Nov 26)


5 for $20 Fish Specials:

Pea Puffers

King Blue Tetras

Glass Bloodfin Tetras

Assorted Female African Cichlids (good size!)


$15 Fish Specials

Apistogramma Bitaeniata (Males)

CW010 Gold Laser Corys


The following species arrived since our Nov 15 update…

Freshwater Livestock

Flowerhorn  (Lg)

Bettas (Males)

Glo Tetras


Assorted Swordtails

Chili Rasbora

Blood Red Dwarf Gourami

Spotted Duboisi

Pea Puffer

24K Gold Neo Shrimp

Assorted Fancy Male Guppies

Bosemani Rainbows (Lg Males)

Red Rainbows (Medium)

Dwarf Neon Rainbows

Denison Barbs (Lg)

Blue Tiger Parrots x Convicts (Locally Bred)


Freshwater expected to arrive today

Clown Loaches

Figure 8 Puffers

Pearl Gourami

Cobalt Gourami

Glo Tetras

German Blue Rams

African Dwarf Frogs

Assassins Snails

Amano Shrimp

Panda Corys

Sterbai Cory

Double/Triple Red Apistogramma

Golden White Cloud Minnows

Hengeli Rasboras (aka Glowlight Rasbora)


Tropica Plant Order including 12Grow Cups and potted Buce arrived yesterday.

Saltwater order which was expected to arrive today/Sat has been postponed one week due to BC flooding (lack of air cargo space).


Dry Goods

Always lots of goodies arriving weekly.  If you are looking for a larger tank, please order early, as there are shortages in many sizes due to glass and labour shortages. 

Hope to see you soon!