AQUARICA Celebrates Summer!

Wow, what a hot summer! Luckily we live in beautiful NS where the ocean is never more than a few minutes away! And luckily, we have A/C at the store!

If you don't have A/C, the heat is fine for most tropical fish. If you have goldfish, axolotls, or danios, it may be a bit warm for them and, if possible, you might consider moving them to the coolest part of your living space. On the hottest days, perhaps wrap some ice packs in bags and float them in the tank.

At the store, our saltwater livestock has started to arrive, including:

Cerith Sand Snails
Hermit Crabs
Carpenter's Wrasse
Sixline Wrasse
Emperor Angelfish (Juvenile)
Black Puffer Saddled Toby Puffer
Dusky Cherub Angelfish (Lg)
Goby Firefish (Lg)
Assorted Coral Frags

Recent freshwater additions include:

Assorted XL African Cichlids
Assorted Discus (more arriving soon)

Buffalo Head Cichlids (wild caught)

Orange Cockatoo Apistogramma (locally bred)

Platinum Rummynose Tetras
Purple Tetras (Hyphessobrycon metae)
Weather Loaches

Senegal Bichirs
Geophagus Daemon
SIlver Hatchetfish
L10a Red Lizard Catfish
L091 Three Beacon Pleco
L200 Green Phantom Plecos
L201 Snowball Pleco
L239 Blue Panaque Pleco
L333 King Tiger Pleco (locally bred)
Fire Eels
Oto Cats (locally bred)
Dwarf Neon Rainbows
Horseface Loach

Nerite Snails

Oranda Goldfish
Blue Shrimp
Black Crystal Shrimp (locally bred - expected this week)

For those looking for large fish, we currently have clown loaches (5-6 inches), mouth brooding severums (6-7 inches), red spotted severums (6 inches), parrot cichlids (6-7 inches), parrot cross with midas cichlid , pond (gold)fish (8 inches), angelfish (4 inch), Common Plecos (9-11 inches), Blue Acaras (4 inch), Star Sapphires (5 inch) and other assorted African Cichlids (4+ inches).

Proven breeding pairs/colonies available at the store include: Mouth Brooding Severums, Blue Acaras, Convict Cichlids, Star Sapphires, and Parrot Cichlids.


Updated freshwater list as of August 6th :  Live Fish List


We have lots of bare aquariums in stock as well as a few commercial units (the same as those we use at the store) available. We also have glass canopies, and selected stand sizes in stock, along with all the accessories you need to get your tank started! 


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Tank Re-Sealing Offer


We now offer custom made stands and tank re-sealing services! Custom stands start at $300 – prices based on size and finish.  Labour costs for tank re-sealing (customer supplies sealant or we supply at cost):


Up to 50 gallons: $50

50 to 75 gallons: $70

76- 100 gallons: $100

101-180 gallons: $175

Over 180:  Please Contact  


We invite you to come in for a visit to see our selection. Looking for a hard to find product, fish, plant, or tank size? We will work with you to special order it for you. (Some items may be subject to minimum order requirements.)