AQUARICA – March 21 Update

Welcome to Spring 2023!  For those living in the Southern Hemisphere, welcome to cool Fall weather! 

If you are looking for fish that can survive in ‘cool’ temperatures (or perhaps in a shaded outside area in the NS summer), there are a number to choose from including barbs (e,g, cherry, odessa, denison, checkered), danios (e.g., zebra, celestial pearl), white cloud minnows, weather loaches, goldfish, koi, shrimps, guppies and platies.  In many countries around the world, fish are actually kept outside year-round (usually in the shade to prevent severe temperature fluctuations).  After all, fish are originally from the outdoors!  If you want to start a cool water tank or an outside pond/tank/planter for the late spring and summer, please come see us for a great selection of cool water fish.

Arrivals since our prior March 4 update and still available:

Male Bettas (locally bred koi plakat, and half-moon including dumbo and koi)

Female Bettas (locally bred koi plakat, assorted half moon including dumbo)

German Blue Rams

Ember Tetras

Cardinal Tetra (wild caught)

Gold Tetra (wild-caught)

Golden Red Rio Tetras

Glowlight Tetras

Silver Tip Tetras

Red Phantom Tetras (wild caught)

Black Neon Tetras

Neon Tetras

Bloodfin Tetras

Platinum Runny Nose

Rummy Nose (non-Platinum)

Otocinclus (wild caught)

L052 Butterfly Pleco (wild caught)

L128 Blue Phantom Pleco (wild caught 5 inch)

Assorted Bristlenose (locally bred)

Long-fin Blue Eye Golden Bristlenose (locally bred)

Gold Laser Corys (locally bred)

Slant Bar (Loxozonus) Cory (wild caught)

Venezuelan Corys

Threadfin Acara (5 inch)

Assorted Balloon Mollies

Assorted Lyretail Guppies (locally bred)

True Parrot Cichlids (locally bred)

Rope Fish (wild caught)

African Brown Knife

‘Purple’ (ie, Deep Red) Blood Parrot

Pearl Gourami

Chocolate Gouramis (wild caught)

Silver Arowana (small)

Red Rainbows

Hillstream Loach (wild caught)

Hara Jerdoni (Anchor Catfish) (wild caught)

Zebra Danios

Leopard Danios

White Cloud Minnows

Golden White Cloud Minnows

Odessa Barbs

Bala Sharks

Denison Barbs

Changmai Goby (wild caught)

Dwarf African Frogs

Clown Loaches (wild caught)

Assassin Snails

Assorted Potted Plants including java fern mats (tall), plants on driftwood, assorted anubias and lots more

Arrivals expected March 23:

Orange Cacatuoides Apistogrammas

Julii Cory

Kuhli Loach (wild caught)

Chili Rasbora (wild caught)

Panda Garra (wild caught)

Pictus Catfish (wild caught)

Tiger Oscar

Albino Tiger Oscar

Calico Swordtails

Black Marble Swordtails

Male Fancy Guppies – Green Cobra, Pink Tuxedo, Gold Cobra, Golden Head

Female Fancy Guppies – Green Cobra, Blue

African Peacock Cichlids (3 inch males)

Congo Tetras (Large)

Denison Barbs

Neocaridina Shrimp – Blue, Blood Mary

Wood Shrimp (wild caught)

Tropica 1-2 Grow Cups and Potted Plants

Lots of additional species from prior orders are also in stock.  Hope to see you soon!