AQUARICA May 15 Update

We are still receiving both fish and plant shipments!  New recent arrivals include plants, giant plakat bettas, albino oscars, clown loaches, hengeli rasboras, celestial pearl danios, glass bloodfin tetras, gold rams, sterbai corys, gold rams, amano shrimp, and assorted crayfish (snow white, bright orange, blue, dwarf yellow/orange).  Stendker discus also arrived last week (11 varieties) ! 

Please find attached a link to our current freshwater livestock.  We will be posting saltwater livestock list next week.

Beautiful days ahead!

AQUARICA May 8 Update

In accordance with the NS State of Emergency, households are limited to 1 shopper* in the store.  We are limiting browsing to the front section of our store where our dry goods (i.e., essential item) are displayed.  Until further notice, browsing will not be permitted in the back section of the store where the majority of our livestock are displayed. 

We will be posting our livestock availability list in the next few days.  Livestock is still available for purchase on a pick-up basis.  On a temporary basis, delivery within 15 km of the store (and within HRM) is available on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Sundays for a $6 delivery fee (a higher fee applies for large items).  Shipping via Maritime Bus continues to be available.  For pick-up and delivery orders, please e-mail, call the store, or contact us via Facebook.

Lastly, we are returning to our regularly posted hours (we will no longer open early 10:30 – noon Tues to Sunday for appointments).

Thank you and Be Safe!


* If needed, the shopper may have their children or caregiver with them.