AQUARICA Celebrates 6 months of Fishkeeping

When you are young, you get to celebrate the small milestones!  June 7th marks our 6 month anniversary since we opened our doors!!

Has it been fun. Yes! 

Have our customers been great?  Absolutely!  Thank you for all your support!

What's been the best part?  Interacting with all the people who come into the store, both new to the hobby and those who have been in the hobby for 60 years.

What's been the biggest surprise?  The number of species of fish that are available from the various suppliers.

What's next?  We have set up racks for saltwater livestock (arriving soon) and will be setting up our window display tanks at the front of the store.

To celebrate our 6th month, we have the following specials from June 7th to 17th (Father's Day!)

Buy 3, Get 1 Free on the following:

Assorted Peacock Cichlids

Assorted Large Mbunas

Yellow Labs

Red Devil Cichlids

Espi (Lambchop) Rasboras

Assorted Spadetail Platys

Fancy Guppies

Assorted Endler Guppies

Chocolate Gouramis

Glass Catfish

Blue Peacock Apistos

Upside Down Catfish

Zebra Loaches

YoYo Loaches (limited, more arriving June 14)

Cardinal Tetras (arriving June 14)

Mix and Match Live Plants (other than pond plants) - On any 4 plants, the lowest is free!


Updated fish list as of April 17th:  Live Fish List


We have lots of bare aquariums in stock as well as a few commercial units (the same as those we use at the store) available. We also have glass canopies, and selected stand sizes in stock, along with all the accessories you need to get your tank started! 


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Tank Re-Sealing Offer


We now offer custom made stands and tank re-sealing services! Custom stands start at $300 – prices based on size and finish.  Labour costs for tank re-sealing (customer supplies sealant or we supply at cost):


Up to 50 gallons: $50

50 to 75 gallons: $70

76- 100 gallons: $100

101-180 gallons: $175

Over 180:  Please Contact  


We invite you to come in for a visit to see our selection. Looking for a hard to find product, fish, plant, or tank size? We will work with you to special order it for you. (Some items may be subject to minimum order requirements.)