AQUARICA Near Mythical Creatures and Things

The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Mermaids, we haven't found them...yet.  We have found some often talked about (at least on the internet) but rarely seen creatures (at least in Halifax) and brought them in for your viewing and fish keeping pleasure...

Silver Arowana - aka the Dragon Fish.  A beautiful carnivore that can grow up to 36 inches!
Seahorses - the only creature where the male becomes pregnant.  The female transfers eggs to the male which are fertilized by the male in his pouch and carried until term!

Pea Pufferfish - a freshwater puffer that grows to a maximum of 1.4 inches !?!  Yep, its real.

African Butterfly Fish -  Looks like it could be a bird?!?  And it closest living relative may be the arowana.

Freshwater Gobies - Hopping around from rock to rock in a freshwater tank close to you.  

Red Crystal Shrimp - Iconic small white and red freshwater shrimp.  If the back of one of these shrimps looks like the flag of Japan, you will be in for a lot of Yen!

Axolotls - the Mexican walking fish that can regenerate.  Its true!

And where to keep these fish?  In addition to our large selection of bare tanks and starter kits, we have recently brought in a large selection of Biorbs and curved glass tanks/kits, along with ADA soils and products (arriving very soon).  Come see for yourself if these products are as good as the hype...we think so! 

Aquarica Specials Until November 11:

Aqua One Reflex 15L Kit $99 (available in white or black)
Aqua One Reflex 26L Kit $119 
Aqueon Starter Kit LED 10 gallon: $59.99
Aqueon Starter Kit LED 20 gallon: $128
Aqueon Starter Kit LED 29 gallon: $168
Aqueon Starter Kit LED 55 gallon: $268

Zebra Loaches (Lg) 3+ / $6 each Pictus Catfish 3+ / $10 each Emperor Tetras 5+ / $3 each Mix and Match African Peacock Cichlids (2-2.5 inches) 3+ /$8 each Turquoise Rainbows (Lg) 3+ / $10 each Odessa Barbs 5+ / $5 each Rosy Barbs (Lg) 5+ / $5 each Male Apistogramma Cockatoo $12 (Reg) $15 (L)

As of October 20, we have over 150 freshwater species in stock, and more arriving regularly:

Live Fish List

For saltwater, we currently have seahorses, assorted shrimps, assorted wrasse, clown fish,  assorted gobies, frags, and much more.

We have lots of bare aquariums in stock as well as a few commercial units (the same as those we use at the store) available. We also have glass canopies, and selected stand sizes in stock, along with all the accessories you need to get your tank started! 


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Tank Re-Sealing Offer


We now offer custom made stands and tank re-sealing services! Custom stands start at $300 – prices based on size and finish.  Labour costs for tank re-sealing (customer supplies sealant or we supply at cost):


Up to 50 gallons: $50

50 to 75 gallons: $70

76- 100 gallons: $100

101-180 gallons: $175

Over 180:  Please Contact  


We invite you to come in for a visit to see our selection. Looking for a hard to find product, fish, plant, or tank size? We will work with you to special order it for you. (Some items may be subject to minimum order requirements.)