AQUARICA - February News

More than 1/3 of the way through winter and hardly any snow on the ground!  There is rain and positive temperatures in the forecast for the week of February 4th !  Rejoice in the 'warmth'!

We have been busy sourcing out great new products.  We now have one of the largest selections of nano and all-in one tanks in Atlantic Canada, including Radius kits, Aqueon kits, Aqua One kits, Biorbs, Biocubes, various Seapora tanks, ADA tanks, Aquatlantis kits, and more! 

For saltwater, we now carry Aquaforest Salt, Aquaforest Components 1+2+3+ (3 x 5L), Hanna Checkers and re-fills, Red Sea supplements and products, Caribsea Liferock (Shapes, Regular, Belieze Branch), Sea and Reef Designer Clownfish, and much more.    

We also recently brought in some unique large pieces of wood. 

Some recent freshwater arrivals:

Come visit us soon while the weather is still great!  Our next fish shipment is expected Tuesday Feb 5!

Our livestock list as of Feb 1, 2019 :

Reminder that our new hours are as follows:

Mon:  Still Open by Chance
Tues:   12-4
Wed:   12-4
Thur:   12-8
Fri:      12-8
Sat:     12-6
Sun:    12-4

Hope to see you again soon!