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New Fish and Plant Shipment Received Friday Jan 19! 

Come take a look at our huge selection, we just received:

Shipment of African Cichlids including  Haplo Hippo Point, Firecracker Tropheus, Cyphotilapia Frontosa, Electric Blue Ahli, Black Widow Frontosa, Ruby Crystal Peacock, Sunshine Peacock, Red Empress, Redfin Borleyi, and many many more!


Peacock Gudgeon/Goby

Neon Blue Goby

King Tiger Pleco (L333)

Assorted Baby Plecos

Lyretail Swordtails

Lavender Gourami

Dwarf Gourami

Plants - Amazon sword varieties (red melon, red rubin, red flame), micro swords, aponogeton bulbs (madagascar, ulvaceus, boviniarus, longiplumoulous) , aquatic banana plant, large anubias, and many many more!

New Dry Goods in-stock include:

Eheim Compacton Pumps

Eheim 1500XL 2262

Hydro Koralia Circulation and Wave Pumps

33 gallon long tanks (48-13-12)

40 gallon Breeder (36-18-16)

75 gallon reef ready (pre-drilled for sump)

CO2 Kits

Eucalyptus wood (even more!)

Indian almond leaves, guava leaves, mulberry leaves

Tank Re-Sealing Offer

We now offer custom made stands and tank re-sealing services!  Custom stands start at $300 – prices based on size and finish.  Labour costs for tank re-sealing (customer supplies sealant or we supply at cost):

Up to 50 gallons: $50

50 to 75 gallons: $70

76 - 100 gallons: $100

101- 180 gallons: $175

Over 180:  Please Contact   

We received a shipment of plants just before Christmas and have many plants in stock, including broad leaf anubias (large size), Alternanthera Reineckii (red/pink leaves), amazon sword plants of all sizes, and bulbs (including madagascar lace!).   We have received some African Cichlids and more will be arriving by mid- January.  Some of our January promotions (check back as more to come!):


January Starter Kit Specials

Aqueon LED Kit 20: Purchase at regular price of $148 and receive a 25% store credit ($37 value)

Aqueon LED Kit 29: Purchase at regular price of $186 and receive a 25% store credit ($46.50 value)

Aqueon Ascent 10: Purchase at regular price of $132 and receive a 50 watt Eheim heater ($33 value)

Aqueon Ascent 20: Purchase at regular price of $178 and receive a 100 watt Eheim heater ($35 value)


January Fish Specials

$2 Specials:

Red Devil Cichlids (1 to 2 inches)

Baby Angels (nickel to quarter size)

X-Ray Tetras

Small guppies ($4 for a pair of M/F)

$6 Specials

Dark Marble Hatchets

Red Tail Black Sharks

Red Paradise Fish

Galaxy Rasboras (Celestial Pearl Danios)

Elegant Cory

Pepper Cory

Medium Amazon Sword Plant


Some beautiful specialty fish currently in stock:

Queen Arabesque Plecos

Galaxy Plecos

Apistogrammas (Dwarf Cockatoo, Opal, Umbrella)

Red Sided Cichlids

Parrot Cichlids

Albino Dragon Bloods

Taiwan Reef Cichlids

Red Devil Angelfish

Black Veil Angelfish

Tire Track eel

We invite you to come in for a visit to see our selection. Looking for a hard to find product, fish, plant, or tank size? We will work with you to special order it for you. (Some items may be subject to minimum order requirements.)

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