AQUARICA – EASTER Weekend Update

Happy Easter to all!  Our hours this weekend are as follows:

Good Friday - Closed

Sat March 30: Open 12-7

Easter Sunday: Open 12-5

Easter Monday: Open 12-4

Our livestock arrivals between March 24 and 29 (please see the March 23 update below for other recent arrivals):

Neon Tetras

Emperor Tetras

Assorted Glo Tetras

Apistogramma Red Neck Viejita

Assorted Angelfish

Albino Corys

Assorted Platies

Dwarf Neon Rainbows

Bosemani Rainbows

Red Rainbows

Golden Denison Barbs

Rainbow Sharks

Glass Catfish (wild caught)

Panda Garra (wild caught)

Clown Loaches (wild caught)

Polk-a-dot Loaches (wild caught)

Amano Shrimp (wild caught)

Bamboo Shrimp (wild caught)

Orange Rabbit Poso Snails (wild caught)

Singapore Plant Shipment

Tropica 1-2 Grow Cups


Hope to see you soon!

AQUARICA – March 23 Update

Dantum Albino Angelfish

Happy Spring!  We received lots of dry goods the last 2 days including cholla wood, chain wood, grape vine, dry and frozen fish food, co2 regulators and kits, aquariums and kits of various sizes, all manner of filters and more. 

Our livestock arrivals since March 1 and still available:

Male Bettas (locally bred koi plakat, halfmoons)

Female Betta (locally bred koi plakat, and XL halfmoon)

Male Guppies – Assorted Elephant Ear, Blue Elephant Ear, Luminous White, Purple Butterfly

Female Guppies – Sunset, Red Tuxedo

Swordtails – Golden Commet

Black Phantom Tetras

Pristella Tetras

Cardinal Tetras (currently in QT)

Red Devil Angelfish

Manacapuru Albino Red Neck Angelfish

Albino Dantum Angelfish

Blue Emerald Marble Angelfish

Peruvian Scalare Altum Angelfish (wild caught)

Assorted Angelfish

Electric Blue Acara (locally bred)

Otocinclus (large healthy wild caught)

Apistogramma Melgar (wild caught)

Melini Corys (wild caught)

Panda Corys

Julii Corys

L106 Orange Seam Plecos (wild caught)

L471 White Spotted Dwarf Pleco

L204 Flash Pleco (wild caught)

Large black white spot bristlenose (locally bred)

Blue eye golden bristlenose (long fin and regular, various sizes)

Platinum Polar Parrots (locally bred)

Blue Tiger Polar Parrots (locally bred, large and regular)

Assorted Peacock Cichlids

Kribensis (locally bred)

Eastern Rainbowfish

Albino Tiger Barbs

Denison Barbs

Golden Honey Dwarf Gouramis (males)

Blood Red Gourami (males)

Green Neon Rasboras (Kubotai’s Microrasbora)

Glowlight Rasboras (wild caught)

Chili Rasboras (wild caught)

Harlequin Rasboras (wild caught)

Clown Loaches (wild caught)

Caradina Shrimp – Assorted Orange Eye, Fancy Red, Purple Nanacy

Neocaridina Shrimp – Blue Diamond (Fire Red, Snow White, Blue Jelly also available)

Black Moors

Assorted Fantail Goldfish (L-XL)

Singapore Plant Shipment


Hope to see you soon!