AQUARICA – May 8 Recent Arrivals

Yellow Blood Parrot

Our livestock arrivals since April 23 and still available:

Assorted Male Bettas (Plakats and Half-moons)

Neon Tetras

Cardinal Tetras (May 9)

Glowlight Tetras

Glo Pristella Tetras (May 9)

Black Phantom Tetras

Venezuelan Corys (May 9)

XL Discus - Pigeon Snakeskin, Red Leopard, Yellow Pigeon Checkerboard, and Tiger Turquoise (May 9)

Assorted Angelfish (May 9)

Koi Angelfish

Yellow Blood Parrots

Polar Tiger Parrots (locally bred)

Geophagus Sveni

L106 Orange Seam Plecos (wild caught)

Super Red Bristlenose

Black Bristlenose (locally bred)

Assorted Guppies (locally bred)

Assorted Balloon Mollies

Assorted Swordtails (locally bred)

Clown Killifsh (May 9)

Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Celestial Pearl Danios

Chili Rasboras (wild caught) (May 9)

Silver Flying Fox (May 9)

Yellow fin Spiny Eels (May 9)

Rock Shrimp

African Dwarf Frogs

Albino Clawed Frogs

Denison Barbs (May 9)

Weather Loaches (wild caught) (May 9)


Sarasa Comets

Butterfly Koi

Koi (4 inch Kohaku Red and White, Goromo Reticulated, and Hi Utsuri Red and Black)

Amano Shrimp (wild caught)

Neocaradina Shrimp – Fire Red, Blue Diamond

Caradina Shrimp – Indian Zebra, Red Crystal, Blak Crystal

Tropica 1-2 Grow Cups

Singapore Plant Orders

Assorted Coral Frags (locally cultivated)

Lots of beautiful livestock from prior arrivals including including Peruvian Altum Angelfish, Red Breasted Piranhas, Red Head Tapajos Geophagus, Red Neck Viejita Apistogramma, Panda Corys, Pepper Corys, Albino Corys, Flash Plecos, Green Phantom Plecos, Horseface Loaches, Clown Loaches, Zebra Loaches, Polk-a-Dot Loaches, Kuhli Loaches, Burundi Frontosas, Ornate Bichirs, Orange Rabbit Poso Snails, Assassin Snails, Wizard Snails.  And much more!

More livestock from Peru and Singapore expected the week of May 13th.  Hope to see you soon!