AQUARICA – May 14 Outdoor Fish

Spring and summer like days have arrived.  Ponds, outdoor aquariums, and outside planters filled with water are perfect for adding fish.  Typically, the most popular outdoor fish for ponds are goldfish and koi.  You can also consider other species that can handle cool water (and occasional extreme temperatures) such as white cloud mountain minnows, guppies, weather loaches, Odessa barbs, and celestial pearl danios.  Many plants including pond lilies, and floating plants can provide cover from the fish.

Just remember, if it’s a small body of water, keep it out of direct sun as it will heat the water very quickly.  And spring nights are still cool, so with a small body of water, consider the use of a heater.  Unless you are keeping comet or koi in a deep pond, you will need to bring your outdoor fish indoors in the fall.   

Current Available Livestock for Outdoors

Assorted Koi

Assorted Comets (Shubunkins, LG coments)

Golden Weather Loaches

White Cloud Minnows

Celestial Pearl Danios

Fancy Guppies (please see below)

Floating Plants (assorted Salvinia species)

Pond Lilies (Nymphaea - Marliacea Albida, Marliacea Chromatella, Firecrest)

The following freshwater species have arrived since our prior update, and are still available:

German Bred Stendker Discus – Brilliant Turquoise (Lg and small), Blue Diamond, Snake Skin, Pigeon Blood Silver, German Wonder (Med)

Bettas (males)

Koi Bettas (males)

Fancy Lg Male Guppies – Moscow Blue, Platinum, Tiger Elephant Ear, Platinum Red Elephant Ear

Assorted Lg Female Guppies

Calico Swordtails

Assorted Swordtails

Neon Tetra

Gold Tetra

Platinum Rummy Nose Tetras

Cardinal Tetras

Glo Fish Tetras

Albino Congo Tetras

Geophagus Sveni

Electric Blue Rams

Lg Royal Pleco (wild caught)

Lg Blue Phantom Pleco (wild caught)

Lg Green Phantom Pleco (wild caught)

Banjo Catfish

Bristlenose Pleco (locally bred)

ID Shark

Rope Fish (aka Snake Fish) (wild caught)

Giant Danios (wild caught)

Bosemani Rainbows

Neon Dwarf Rainbows

Clown Loach (wild caught)

XL Assorted Platy

Pearl Gourami

Julii Cory

Sterbai Cory

Panda Cory

Albino Cory

Assorted Angelfish

Breeding Pair Angelfish

Hillstream Loach (locally bred)

Celestial Pearl Danios (aka Galaxy Rasbora) (wild caught)

African Dwarf Frogs

Nerite Snails

Apple Snails

Amano Shrimp

24K gold Neocaridina Shrimp

Large shipment of Assorted Plants


The following saltwater arrived since our prior update and are still available:

Gem Tang

Convict Tang

Hermit Crabs

Margarita snails


Hope to see you soon!