About Us

AQUARICA Tropical Fish is a locally owned retail tropical freshwater fish store in Bedford (Halifax Regional Municipality) located in Sunnyside Place (CIBC building) across from the Sunnyside Mall.  Our goal is to help new and experienced hobbyist get the most out of your aquarium by providing good advice, and high quality products at fair prices. We provide a large assortment of in stock products including Seapora, Aqueon, Eheim, Seachem, New Life Spectrum, Omega One, Hikari, Tropical, CaribSea, Microbe-Lift and more.

We carry a unique assortment of both wild and tank bred freshwater tropical fish including Rainbowfish, Apistogrammas, African Cichlids, Galaxy Rasboras, and Plecos. We strive to carry different varieties of the usual species including Angels, Plecos, Tetras, Livebearers (Mollys, Endler Guppys, Platys, Swordtails), Loaches, and Cory catfish. Our live plants include a wide selection of Tropica plants.

We have a large selection of aquariums in stock ranging from a 5 gallon Aqueon Neo Glow starter kit to a 120 gallon Seapora. In between, we have many large bare tanks, starter kits, and modern display tanks. Prefabricated stands and locally built custom order stands are available.  We also offer tank re-sealing services.

Want aquarium décor? We carry a large assortment of Mopani, grapevine, and Eucalyptus wood, Dragonstone, Pagoda rock, slate, petrified wood, landscaping rock, tufa rock, and more. We also have a large selection of gravel and substrate including specialize substrate for planted tanks and cichlid tanks.

Are your fish hungry? We have over 100 types of fish food including high content spirulina flakes and pellets, small fry starter, species specific food, and bulk size containers.  We also have a small and large freezer full of frozen fish food.

If you want a beautiful aquarium for your home or business but don’t have the time to setup and maintain, we also offer turnkey installation and maintenance services.

There is a large selection at AQUARICA Tropical Fish, we invite you to come down to take a look!